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Get a Great Smile With Same-Day Restorations

woman in pink with white teethDo you have tooth imperfections that you’d like to conceal or improve? Perhaps your teeth are tarnished or you have a fractured tooth. With our same-day restorations at Hallmark Smiles Dental Care, you can achieve a beautiful smile in a single visit. This time-saving ability is a tremendous benefit to patients with busy lifestyles. You won’t have to take off multiple days of work to get the dentistry you want and need.

CEREC’s computer-aided design technology allows us to provide a range of dental restoration options that can be made in just one day:

No More Metal

Whether you’d like to replace a silver filling, have a large filling or received a root canal on a back tooth, a crown may be necessary to strengthen the existing tooth structure. As many patients are concerned about having metal in their mouth, our crowns are also metal-free.

Single-Visit Convenience

When you come in for an appointment, Dr. Larashi will provide a comprehensive evaluation to determine what your dental needs are. Any needed dental restorations can be fabricated by our CEREC machine, so you’ll be able to receive it on the same day.

Before the invention of CEREC technology, impressions would be taken using putty molds which would then be sent to a laboratory. Your restoration would then be made at the lab, taking several days or even weeks to be completed. A second appointment would be needed to fit and cement the restoration. Thankfully those days are behind us.

In addition to the convenience of same day restorations, our digital scanning technology eliminates the need for messy impressions. You won’t need a temporary restoration either. One-visit restorations also mean there’s no fee you have to pay to an outside laboratory. This accelerated process is not only convenient but cost-effective for you.

What the Process Involves

At your appointment, we’ll take highly accurate digital scans, feeding the data into our CEREC software. Dr. Larashi will review the results and make any necessary adjustments before your restoration is created.

Since our CEREC machine is located in the hallway, you’re welcome to watch while your restoration is being fabricated. There are two stages involved. During the first, the restoration is milled, after which we’ll then place it into your mouth to ensure a perfect fit. It’s then baked to become harder and more durable. We’re happy to show you the entire process and answer any questions you may having regarding the technology.

In the final steps, your tooth/teeth will be prepped and then you will receive your restoration. We will have you approve the shape, color and feel. Your new restoration will blend in with your natural teeth and function the same way.

Find out more about same-day restorations by contacting our practice today!

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